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tv   KTVU Noon News  FOX  March 23, 2012 12:00pm-12:30pm PDT

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arrived here about a quarter of 8:00 in the morning, found three deceased adults, immediately called the police. the police came and found the other two victims. >> san francisco police chief talks about a horrible discovery in san francisco. a multiple homicide is the top story. five people are dead in san francisco and police say they
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have a complicated murder scene on their hand. we first reported on this story as it was developing toward the end of mornings on 2. ktvu's tara moriarty is on the crime scene. what are police saying about this case? >> reporter: police will not confirm whether this is a murder-suicide or a homicide case. all we know is that there are five people dead and they all live in the house that you see behind me here off of howth and ocean avenue. there was an incredibly large police presence here, homicide, detectives, csi and the police chief. a woman who has key to the home went inside and discovered three bodies, two men and one woman. she called police and when they arrived, authorities found two more bodies, both women. officials say that they appeared to be victims of gunfire. >> we believe at this time that this is specific to this
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residence. we have some information that we are following up but i want to assure the public that we don't believe that we have anybody at large that's going to be looking to do random acts. we believe that this act was specific to this residence. >> reporter: police not looking for a suspect at this time. they would also not comment on whether they found a gun, but it is a rather complex crime scene. so they may not have been able to locate it right away. a bunch of women lived beside the house where the crime happened. >> five people? i live right next door? >> you live on howth street? >> no, i don't live on howth street. i am shocked. >> reporter: we don't know the names of the victims here. we do know that they are asian and the house belongs to a 62- year-old man named how le.
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there is a woman here on the seen by the same last name, how jing. police have set up a post here. it is a gruesome scene more information into the investigation into thebodies found. as news breaks on the story, we will post it on our website authorities in santa clara county continue to search for a 15-year-old girl from morgan hill who disappeared. police are trying to find out if sierra lamar was wearing the clothes found discarded in a bag. they asked trucks passing by,
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and everybody passing by. >> this is the intersection where lamar was supposed to catch the bus to head to school. that was a week ago. no one has seen her since then. this flier was posted around town as the search for her intensifies. >> i just want her back. that's the most important thing. i want her safely returned. i want her back in my arms. i want hear her say "i love you". >> reporter: their parent spoke earlier this afternoon about the disappearance. >> that's frustrating and baffling for all of us. >> we don't know if it's a stranger abduction, a volunteer going away with someone and not voluntary now. >> reporter: santa clara spokesperson gave her more. >> she took a picture of herself and it shows her in a jersey that looks like the san jose sharks. you can just see parts of it. it is dark colored. >> reporter: sheriff smith says that investigators believe they have found that jersey. it was in lamar's school bag
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discarded in a field near her home. marlene lamar says it was not unusual for her to bring clothes to school to swap with friends. >> they have done that quite a few times. >> reporter: investigators will plan a search and rescue party to scour the area this weekend. in morgan hill, allie rasmus, ktvu channel 2 news. the coast guard and san francisco rescue crews responded to a call of a booed capsized. that was before 8:30. news chopper two as there as it san francisco's police and fire boats and fire crews on shore joined in the search. but they did not find anyone around the boat or ansigns of anyone who had been on board. they called off the search and towed the boat to shore the contra costa county is
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joining a police officer- involved shooting, officers were looking for suspects in other crimes when they spot add fugitive in a blue compact car. they then gave chase. when police stopped him, a gun battle began. a teenage witness whose face we will not show describes what he saw and heard. >> they said, put your hands up. he didn't listen. firefight four or pfeiffer shots, boom, boom, boom, boom. >> reporter: he fired the shots at police. >> yes. >> went to the back of his car and just boom, boom, boom. and shot him. >> reporter: the suspect a 26- year-old wantedparolee was shot and killed. police also arrested a 25-year- old female passenger who was not hurt in the incident. >> reporter: a big change in the weather is on the way. taking a live look outside. it is beautiful with plenty of sunshine but you better get out and enjoy it now. later this afternoon, the clouds are expected to roll in. coming up in 10 minutes, ktvu
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meteorologist mark tamayo will have the latest on the forecast and when we could expect the rain to start a free medical clinic inside oakland colyseum is now open. a ktvu photographer saw dozens of people lined up before dawn waiting to get medical care at no cost. dental care, eye checkups and other services are being provided. the services are available on a first come, first serve waysis. tickets are handed out starting at 3:30 a.m. each day and the free clinic runs through sunday. you can learn more about the free clinic that will continue through the weekend. go to and click on web links. today is the second anniversary of the president obama signing the health care reform legislation into law and the legal battle over its constitutionality is about to head to the nation's supreme court. the supreme court is set to review the health law.
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the argument focuses on whether congress exceeded its powers under the constitution when it voted to require americans to obtain insurance by 2014 or pay a penalty. i spoke to washington insider jamie dupre during mourners on 2 and he says the court may consider a 19th century law preventing court challenges to attacks before it's been implemented. >> one circuit court ruled this was premature to bring this lawsuit. we'll see if the supreme court will decide if that's their option. they'll have two hours of arguments on that. >> the court promises a ruling by late june. the obama campaign is releasing a three-minute video defending the law. and republican presidential candidates mitt romney and rick santorum in louisiana are calling for the health care reform to be repealed
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there is an alert for drivers about a major bridge closure in the near future. cal tran plans to shut down the entire dumbarton bridge over the memorial day weekend. the closure will allow crews to complete a major part of the bridge's seismic retrofit project. it will close from 10:00 p.m. friday may 25th until 5:00 a.m. tuesday, may 29th. drivers are being advised to take public transit or alternate routes. an ambulance raced to the scene of a car crash early this morning in san francisco. the vehicle slammed into a tree in the area of thomas way. the car was totaled while three people inside were taken to the hospital for treatment the accident closed off a stretch of road near the campus for two
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hours. the u.s. army sergeant accused of killing afghan civilians is now officially charged in connection with that deadly rampage. staff sergeant robert bales was charged just a few hours ago with 17 counts of premeditated murder in the killing of eight afghan adults and nine children. he is also charged with six counts of attempted murder and six counts of assault. bales is being held at the u.s. military prison in fort leavenworth,kansas. premeditated murder is a death penalty case. if convicted, he could face the death sentence. and the contra costa county prosecution said they obtained video of welsh selling a pound of methamphetamine to a department of justice
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informant. the sale allegedly happened a year ago in concord. prosecutors say that welsh stole the drugs from a police evidence locker. welsh and butler are both waiting trial on drug charges. president obama spoke out this morning in the shooting death of a black teenager walking in a gated community. that came as students walked out in protest over the deaths of trayvon martin. the justice department had opened an investigation and president obama says that limits what he can say. >> if i had a son, he would look like trayvon. i think they are right to expect that all of us, as americans, are going to take this with the seriousness it deserves and that we're going to get to the bottom of exactly what happened. >> members of the congressional black asoacialghts, the group that represents of a can
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american employees on capitol hill also held a rally calling for just tissments the man who shot martin says he did it in self-defense and he has not been charged the pope is on his way to latin america to deliver a message of peace. pope benedict xvi left italy this morning for mexico and cuba. during the week long trip, he is expected to denouns the drug- fueled violence racking mexico. he will urge cubans to use dialogue to use more patient and constructive dialogue to replace markism. a couple of dozen people brought masks and tents to markswood park. police ordered occupiers to take down their tents. the mayor said that the police will continue to enforce the no camping rule. the one protester added they are responding to a call from occupy wall street to reoccupy
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spaces. students and faculty at uc berkeley say they fear for their safety after a string of break-ins. a burglar or burglars have been smashing windows and stealing thousands of dollar of equipments, including monitors, lap tops and computers. the unfortunate says it is considering enhanced security measures to safeguard those who work late in the lab. during the past two hours, a former california tomato tycoon pleaded guilty to racketeering. frederick salier was charged with bribing managers to buy tomatoes from his company. he fixed prices and rigged bids in sales to conagra, kraft food. he is free on six million dollars bail until his sentencing in july and he could be sent to prison for up to seven years. b.a.r.t. officials made their pitch this
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morning for federal money to help keep the transit system's aging feet of rail cars on track. they gave congressman john garimandi a tour of the yard and told them that they are having trouble getting parts because of the aim. they have to get the right electronic equipment on ebay sometimes. >> these cars are the oldest rappity transit rail cars in the united states by far. by the time we replace the coarse, many of them will be over 50 years old. >> b.a.r.t. says it has enough money right now to replace 260 of its cars but need help from congress to reach it goal of replacing 775. the mega millions lottery game is once again living up to its name today with a mega jackpot. it has grown to $290 million for tonight's drawing. the jackpot has been steadily increasing since january because no one has matched the
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numbers. that has a lot of lottery players dreaming big and imagining what a buck can do >> first thing, i would pay off my house. >> a yatch. >> and a yatch? >> a yatch, yeah. >> that's good. >> up there in the delta. >> houses and cars. everything for my kids. >> mega millions is a multistate game played in california and 41 other states. that's the large els jackpot ever won with 312 million in march of 2007. plugs could be bad news for the lake tahoe area. the u.s. geological survey warns that the sierra could lose 80% of its winter snow pack if carbon emissions continue to increase at their current pace. the change in temperatures could create several side effects, including more intense winter storms, heat waves and an increased fire danger over the next 40 years. the sierra could pick up some more snow this weekend. here in the bay area, we be
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tracking some rain. downpours, especially about 12 hours from now, the first wave of rain moves onshore. outside, fairly nice afternoon with partly to mostly sunny skies. temperatures beginning to recover after a pretty chilly morning out there. no rainfall to show you just yet. but as i mentioned, that will be a different story. winds have been picking up a little bit. nothing too extreme but a wind gust up to 14 miles per hour, middle of the day, right around the bay bridge and wind in general this afternoon from around ten to 20 miles per hour. current numbers are in the 50s. santa raphael, 45 degrees. santa rosa at 53. forecast headlines for today. we to have this partly sunny sky . it will be dry. we will be tracking more rain chances in the long range forecast for a good portion of next week. for today, though, this system is up to our north. with that, just a few high clouds drifting into the
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region, especially after the 3:00 hour. this will be the source of some rainfalls. we do head into the weekend with rainfall developing saturday morning and then some breaks throughout the day and then some sunday showers, especially as we do head into the afternoon hours. as far at rainfall expectations, as you can see the rain bend moving on shore, rain could be approaching two inches for the coastal hills. snow levels coming down to about 3500 feet. here is the updated forecast model at 10:00, just showing you an increase in the high clouds and the rain bands begin to move onshore tomorrow morning. you will notice some breaks for saturday afternoon. the rain not too far away and then sunday morning, some showers out there. this forecast model increases the coverage a bit as we do head into sunday afternoon. temperatures for this afternoon under partly sunny skies, mainly in the 50s to the lower 50s. san jose tops out around 63. san mateo, 59.
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as we look ahead at the five- day forecast with the weekend always in view, the weekend rapidly approaching. there is that approaching rainfall. rain showers for saturday on and off, showers forsunday. monday not looking too bad. another system offshore that could produce more rain tuesday into wednesday. it looks like we will have some rain, breaks in the rain this weekend but you want to keep that umbrella close by in the next couple of days and even into next week as well. >> all right, thank you, mark. the final preparations are underway for the oakland running festival which is being held this sunday. this is video of last year's event. 8000 people of all aims are expected to run. this year's eventual is exptected to generate 3 million- dollar in economic impact for the economy with 300,000 go to local charity. the longest race will be the marathon starting at 7:30 at
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lake merritt. runners will make their way into the montclair area before looping back and finishing at lake merritt we'll check the pulse of new home sales to tell you if housing recovery is continuing. >> and why some people are promising town plug theirelectronic devices starting this afternoon. q
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bouncing between small
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gains and losses. u.s. economies report strong earnings, oil prices are continuing to march higher which could hurt consumer spending. taking a live look at the big board, dow up 44. nasdaq up 3. s&p up 5. >> the new home sales report for february is out. according to the commerce department, new home sales dropped 1.6% last month to a seasonally adjusted annual rate of 313,000 homes. experts had forecast sales would hit 320,000 about there are some positive news. december sales figures were revise up to 336,000 and the median sales price jumped more than 8%. president obama today made a surprise nomination for the top job at the world bank. during a white house rose garden event, the president announced he has selected dartmouth college president jim yonq-kim. the korean-born kim is a physician by training.
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the actual selection of a new president will be made by the world bank's executive board but kim is expected to be selected in part because the u.s. has the largest percent of votes. we have new video of a memphis television news crew threatened while ting their job. >> everybody's lying about my best friend. >> now, you can't touch the camera now >> the suspect brandon odom got angry at the reporter's question. he went to his truck and grabbed a gun. the memphis news team drove to arkansas for the arrest of a man. the reporters showed an officer footable rage. odom later turned himself in. organizers of the national day of unplugging say it's about seeing what you have been
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missing in the real world. the campaign has some suggestions to fill the time normally spent glued to a screen. among them, nurture your health, get outside and find silence. >> at 5:00, the irs is sounding the alarm about identity theft. what you need to know to make sure that your tax return actually comes to your mailbox. thank you for trusting ktvu channel 2 news. we'll see you next time news breaks. for all of us here, thank you. gorgeous! her smile's amazing.
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